Regarded as the Best Safety Valve Refurbishment Company in Australia

Repairs & Testing

SRV Engineering’s fully equipped workshop caters for the rebuilding of any brand, style or size of Safety Relief Valve.

Our dual testing laboratories in Bibra Lake are capable of testing valves with inlet sizes up to 600mm NB.

Our Technicians have mastered the art of lapping valve sealing faces, an important aspect to ensure long term valve performance. Using an industrial diamond compound we can achieve extremely flat finishes resulting in “bubble tight” leakage as required by the American Petroluem Institute Standard – API527.

NATA Certification / Calibration

All Safety Valves supplied or repaired by SRV Engineering are delivered to you with NATA Test Documentation. By dealing with a renowned and respected NATA Accredited company you are assured peace of mind of our Technical competence. Valves that have been tested to these standards deliver superior performance and long term cost savings. SRV Engineering pride ourselves on excellent turn around times, to fit YOUR requirements

New Safety Valves

We are able to supply an extensive range of Safety Valves, SRV Engineering can supply valves to suit your current and future needs

Be it with Flanged / Screwed connections or Conventional, Modulating or Pilot Operated style valves we can assist.

Popular brands stocked include the following industry compliant models

Leser, Taylor, Mercer, Hydroseal, ARI, Aquatrol, Seetru, Mack, Goetze and Herose.


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