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2003’s design improvement welcomed BOA’s first stainless steel & acrylic threaded unit which proved a success with Oil & Gas companies worldwide


✓  High quality, durable Australian Made product, 316S/S & Acrylic Threaded construction.


✓  Sold Internationally to Chemical Plants, Oil Refineries, Power Utilities and Pump Manufacturers.


✓  Bearing Oil Analyser(BOA), also known as: Oil Sight Glass, & Sludge Cup.


✓  Designed by Martin Kotchie in 2003, Director of SRV Engineering Pty Ltd since 1998.


✓  Monitoring oil quality can improve the life expectancy of the bearings by 50%.


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    Cost effective solution to extend your pump reliability




    Type 5 S/S




    What is the use of a BOA?

    • Installed on pumps that have oil sumps.
    • The BOA is installed into the pump housing drain plug underneath the pump housing/sump, to improve the running time of the bearings by monitoring the quality of the bearing oil and proportion of oil to water.
    • The BOA allows oil samples to be taken from the bearing housing/sump by opening the ball valve drain, giving insight to the quality of the oil.
    • Early detection of any oil contamination results in continued pump reliability.
    • Magnet is installed in the sight glass to attract metal particles that could potentially be contaminating the oil.
    • The BOA is easily removed when the pump is isolated and simply disassembled for cleaning. New O rings are fitted, to then be re-assembled and installed back onto the pump.
    • Type 7 is a shorter design for pumps where space is limited from the underside of pump bearing housing to the pump mounting base.





    • Manufactured using CNC Machinery to ISO 9001 standards.
    • The sight glass component is made of a clear, 5mm (wall thickness) threaded cast acrylic.
    • Recommended maximum temperature is 90 degrees Celsius.
    • Acrylic will not yellow in sunlight.
    • Both 316 stainless steel threaded end caps are sealed to acrylic with nitrile O’rings for effective sealing.
    • Top connection 1⁄2” S/S 316 Hex Nipple.
    • Drain Ball Valve and 316 S/S Hex Plug.
    • The overall weight of the S/S Sight glass is 600 grams.
    • BOA is supplied by SRV Engineering Pty Ltd WA to internal Standard W7 Rev 0.


    Type 7 S/S



    “Our success started with an order from Exxon/Mobil Fawley Refinery UK, where we supplied 1200 units. We designed the Sight Glass Type 5 & 7 S/S, which has now been accepted in many refineries around the world.”




    Oil Contamination


    Image on the left: Filled with oil and water. Water is heavier than oil, therefore is seen at the bottom of the BOA, showing clear water contamination.
    Image on the right: Demonstrates the use of the magnet attracting any metal particles that is contaminating the oil in the sump.